The HARGEISA Kit - Organic Qasil Face Mask


Customisation Guide

Steps 2-5: the HARGEISA DIY kit ingredients

Steps 6-8: OPTIONAL Add-Ons

Start Customising

Skin Type

Step 1 : Skin Type

Select Your Skin Type

By selecting your skin type you will be shown which products are recommended for your skin in some of the following steps.

Dry Skin

Oily Skin

Combination Skin

Customise Myself

Key Ingredient

Step 2 : Key Ingredient

Select the Key Ingredient

Here are two variations of how Qasil is traditionally used by Somali’s: It is used either in its pure form or in a traditionally used blend of ingredients. Click products to see more information


Step 3 : Conditioner

Select a Conditioner

Choose a conditioner based on your skin care needs.

Essential Oil

Step 4 : Essential Oil

Select an Essential Oil

Essential oils can enhance the benefits of your face mask. Select one of the following recommended oils.


Step 5 : Extracts

Select an Extract

Fruit extracts contain powerful antioxidants and are known for its rejuvenating properties. Select one to include in your face mask.

Optional After Care

Step 6 : Optional After Care

Select an After Care Oil (Optional)

Use these oils to enhance and lock in the benefits of your facemask or select none to proceed without a selection. These are optional add-ons and are not included in the kit.

Optional Tool/s

Step 7 : Optional Tool/s

Select a Tool (Optional)

Here you'll find some of our recommended tools to help you prepare and apply your facemask.

Our Customisable DIY Nomad Range is Coming Soon!