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Qasil & Traditional Somali Masking Practices

Mud & Musk's custom and personalised face masks are inspired by traditional masking practices of nomadic Somali women.

Qasil, a powerful cleansing leaf powder derived from the local Gob tree, is the most common base ingredient used for masking. It has been used as a soap-free cleanser by nomadic families for centuries due to its high content of saponins and ability to naturally foam.


The Process

Qasil is picked off the Gob tree and sun dried before being grinded into a fine powder. While it can be used alone with water, many women also combine it with other ingredients based on their skin needs and concerns. Popular ingredients include huruud (turmeric), honey, egg-whites and cusbur (safflower).

 Qasil is used by women of all ages, forming part of regular cleansing routines and preparations for special occasions. It is also not uncommon to see women wearing the mask outdoors to protect their skin from the harsh sun.


The continued widespread usage of Qasil in an era of modern skincare and cosmetics is a credit to its tried and tested qualities.


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